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 Post subject: Extension 2.0 : full list of changes
PostPosted: Thu Jan 27, 2011 5:44 pm 
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Hammurabi: +1 Civil Action (no longer -1 Military Action)

J.S. Bach: Theater techs cost 2 less science to discover (instead of 1). Theater cost 2 resources less to build/upgrade (instead of 1).

Kremlin: 1 unhappy face (instead of 2)

Elvis Presley: renamed to Charles Chaplin (no change on the leader's effect)

Napoleonic Army: tactic strength increased to 9 (5) instead of 8 (4)

Classic Army: tactic strength decreased to 8 (4) instead of 9 (5)

***** NEW LEADERS *****

6 leaders of each age -within the 8 available- are randomly picked at the start of the game.


Confucius: Each of your temples produces 1 science.

Ramesses II: Increase the effects of yellow cards by 1 (more resources, food, science and culture points, increased discounts but no additional military action).


Charlemagne: Once per turn, you can do one of the followings without a civil action:
- Discover an urban building technology for 1 science less.
- Build/upgrade an urban building for 1 resource less

Marco Polo: Up to 2 of your colonies produce 1 resources during the production phase. They are not considered as mines for any event matter.

Age II:

James Watt: It costs you 2 science less to discover farm and mine techs.
Level I mines/farms cost 1 resource less.
Level II mines/farms cost 2 less.
Level III mines/farms cost 3 less.

Thomas Jefferson: Special techs cost you less science equal to their level. Your government produces culture equal to its level.


Pierre de Coubertin: Each of your arenas produces extra culture equal to its level. However, your arenas no longer increase your civilization's strength.

Thomas Cook: +1 culture +1 Happy face. Each of your wonders produce 1 extra culture.

***** NEW WONDERS *****

4 wonders of each age -within the 6 available- are randomly picked at the start of the game.


Colosseum [1 2 3]: +1 Happy face. +1 Military action.

Pantheon [2 4]: 1+ culture. Each of your temples produce 1 extra culture.


Angkor Vat [2 3 4]: +1 Happy face. +1 science. +2 culture.

Forbidden City [1 3 5]: +1 civil action. +2 blue tokens. Consumption is reduced by 1.


Harvard College [3 3 3 3]: +3 science. +2 culture.

Statue of Liberty [6 6]: +3 yellow tokens.


Manhattan Project [8 8]: Any war against your civilization is cancelled. No one can declare war on your civilization.

Olympic Games [3 3 4 5]: Immediately score 2 culture per level of each of your libraries and arenas.

***** NEW TACTICS *****

Age II:

The new tactics card has been added to the Age II military cards deck.

Hussars 7 - cavalry - cavalry - artillery

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